Troy-Alert-Breaking The Chain Of Child Abuse


Mission Statement

Children have the right to grow into adults, free from emotional, physical, or sexual abuse and neglect.  As adults, we have a duty to protect that right.

We are working to end child abuse and child neglect by changing the systemic failures within legal and law enforcement systems and by finding solutions to prevent the cyclical behavior of child abuse and child neglect. 


Our Founder's Bio

For twenty years, David and Melora Vogel have led a successful company working with and motivating students.  They are co-authors of the book, Protecting Troy: Breaking the Chain of Child Abuse (see book cover and description, right).  

Through personally witnessing child neglect, rising to the child abuse of their grandson, David and Melora share their story.

"For those who are facing a similar situation to the one the Vogels found themselves in, this book may provide motivation and a pathway to keep fighting for justice". 

Protecting Troy Breaking The Chain Of Ch

"Protecting Troy"

is "a fast-paced narrative describing a shocking personal story, relatable to many Americans, who have found themselves slipping through multiple levels of bureaucracy and fighting an uphill battle for justice in a corrupt system. So many levels of duplicity and mismanagement are described with painstaking attention to detail throughout this book. But ultimately, this book serves a greater purpose than a compelling story."